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We all know that Parineeti Chopra is the leading Bollywood actress after reading her Profile. You can get much information about Parineeti Chopra here on Chopra

Parineeti Wallpapers HQ | HD

Here are the beautiful wallpapers, pictures of Parineeti Chopra.

daawat-e-ishq Wallpapers

Ishaqzaade Wallpapers

Ladies vs Ricky Bahl Wallpapers

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  1. Taman Singh Panesar

    You r so BEAUTIFULLLLLL…………… :-)
    i like your Pices :-) ;-) :-D
    keep it UP :-)

  2. I like her way of dialogue delivery, face expressions, smile, . . . She dominated all heroines in LdyVsRCkyBHL. .

  3. feroz khan pathan

    Parineeta so swweet

  4. balwant singh bhati

    Best of Luck…
    Have a great future ahead

  5. purushottam shanmugam

    So cute

  6. At 1st time i see you

    I am make you my crush

    I know you are older than me

    But anyways
    I Like You

  7. Wt 2 say
    u r fab &
    all the best

  8. Wahhh!!! So cutee wshn u llap ahd & much mre scc.


    Pari u r so Beautifull i wish u get great future ahead i ll pray to waheguru.

  10. parineeta frm now u r my fav. actress & u r so cute , bst of luck 4 ur future

  11. ajay harbindu(hardoi)

    i see you no.1 in top bollywood actress

  12. She is very beautiful & lovely smile compare to priyanka chopra

  13. parineeti you look very beautiful n really wd a good talent of acting wow. After seeing the trailer n song of ishaqzade that pareshaan . I like u very u much... Ur my favourite actress from all others ...ur one no. 1.. All the pi

    But no one is like you I feel such deep feelings Because I LOVE YOU No one in this world has such grace No one is so able to fill your place You always know but i never say My LOVE for you grows with every passing day

  14. from the first day when i see u,ur my favourite.ur so so so…. Beautiful girl i have ever seen.

  15. Mind blowing

  16. I fell in love with you!
    I love you!

  17. I love her smile & face expressions…… I want to see u again…..

  18. You are looking so cute in every picture.

  19. hey i see you first time you are so beautiful PRINCESS in world so you are doing great work so carry on people likes you again really you are beautiful PRINCESS.

  20. hey i see you first time you are so beautiful PRINCESS in world so you are doing great work so carry on people likes you. Again i told you that really you are beautiful PRINCESS.

  21. I like u

  22. i have developed a crush for u pari…u do look like a ‘fairy’..wnt to see person!!!

  23. hello pari.. u r so preety.. i request u plz dont do any bikiny shot in movie pls pari.. u r so preet always on jeans punjabi and othr dresses… i apriciate u.. hope u wil nt do bikiny pose.. thnx and do rpl

  24. hi pari….hi pari…..saw ur movie yesterday….awesome movie but not more then u ….i hve seen ur movie 5 times since the release…n even planning to go tday…plz plz accept my frnd request on fb…..n i am huge fan of urs….since the movie release everything resembles ur face even all boys look like u ….plz accept…..
    with regards
    Amar choudhary

  25. ISHAQZAADE’s an Awwwesome movie:-)
    watched it twice already:-)
    and i wished d story had a better ending
    Salute her cause n support her against Hon
    our Killing..
    I loved her Acting, her looks and most of all, her Daredevil Avatar..
    I wish her All D Very Best and she certainly Has One Well wisher 4 all of her life (me!!!)
    i wish i could meet her someday..
    I’m ALWAYS AN ISHAQZAADA From now on
    Looking Forward to EVDP..
    Luv u Parineeti C… :-):-):-)

  26. Amazingly charming.. resemble very much with someone close to me..
    Go parineeti.. i’ll go on loving you as long as u keep ur sweet smile intact..

  27. u look’s vry cute….!! bt plz can u upload sum more cute pics….plz
    ur amazing dear….!!
    lv u.

  28. tell me your right date of birth some where is 12 may .. some where is 22 october… i want real birthday so kindly tell that darling

  29. Hiii parineeti (joya) today I saw ur movie Ishaqzade & from today ur my favourite actress bcos I like ur acting and ur smile. Ill pray to god that I cn also get someone special like u .

  30. ajinkya abnave

    u look gorgeous and your role in ishaqzaade was ausome…..

  31. Hi Parineeti….

    You are so cute. I am your huge fan.
    You look like an angel…
    I want to meet you but i know i can’t

    I ♥ You

  32. i m biggest fan yours luv u


  34. Booma Boom look in ishaqzaade. sahi he fish nice take care njoy. hv great life come to Ahmadabad waiting 4 look face 2 face .

  35. Ankit jariwala

    I like your smile

  36. Sanjiv CHRISTIAN

    hi parineetijee how r u? I like ur stile jeep chalaate ho to bade cute lagte ho chalate raho kabhi kabhi life me god is blassing u take care of ur self

  37. Paresh (The King...)

    i like you and <3 you.

  38. Paresh (The King...)

    i like your smile… Just awesome…..

  39. pari ur a superfentabulous actress after seeing u in singing pareshan song of ishakzaade u made in pareshan day and night it can be cured after seeing u directly pls come to hyderabad

  40. U look to cute and very hot….
    ………………………………………….speach less awesome have a great time…. love u

  41. oh my god will you marry me … I am in pune….. love you so much ….you are so gorgeous … my god you are just mind bogling.

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